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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Plame Panel video at Yearly Kos

Probably going to be light blogging until something riveting happens, but I wanted to get this link out there.
C-Span has the video of the Plame Panel at the Yearly Kos convention.
It starts right off with Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake, and she is every bit as captivating and intelligent as you might have imagined.

Not sure how long this link will work, so get it while you can!

(Scroll down and click on the link that says: YearlyKos Convention)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

More nonsensical musicality

Annoying, but somehow uplifting:


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A blemish on a gnat's ass...

Read this article and look at this photo and tell me if you still think the human race is anything more than an idle experiment forgotten in the back of God's fridge!

That photo shows hundreds of full-size galaxies, each with billions of stars.

A sublime experience indeed

Greg Saunders at This Modern World put THIS little video together, and it's the kind of thing that makes you glad you lived another day (sort of)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves...

Must be tough for Tom Tomorrow. First he gets a stage left seat at the Pearl Jam concert, and then he has to draw yet another hilarious cartoon that stubbornly defies the current ban on irony. He'll definitely be due for a huge "I told you so" just about................whenever!

Here's his latest at Working For Change

Bob Harris listen...

In a prime time speech broadcast live only by Fox News Channel and the Outdoor Life Network, Bush attempted to raise his sagging poll numbers back into double digits by employing the words "initiative," "comprehensive," and "solution," spoken as if they were somehow related to the rest of the speech.

More funny at
Bob Harris dot com

Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm back...

Feeling pretty out of the loop after a week in the desert, but I just watched the Colbert speech at the Correspondent's dinner, and it certainly got the juices flowing again!

Here's the ALL the pages of the Rolling Stone Basic Training article by Jeff Tietz:

Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five
Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm going on vacation

So my two or three daily readers.....I suggest regular visits to

Cute Overload

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Anybody else notice how old he's looking?

I guess running the country into a ditch is pretty stressful.

It's hard work!

Promoted from the basement because you have to see this!

This is pretty eye-opening, even if you can't watch the entire hour and twenty minutes.

9-11 Loose Change

UPDATE: On second thought, watch the whole thing. You'd have to be pretty willfully obtuse not to realize that there are a LOT of unanswered questions surrounding 9-11.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Still think Hillary is the one?

Believe me, I used to be one of those people who WANTED to vote for Hillary Clinton for president. But now I realize that she is just a politician, serving her own interests rather than serving the people. If you need more proof beyond her silly support of the Iraq war, or general lack of backbone on any number of critical issues, then watch this video at Crooks and Liars

Gotta get yer kicks where you can...

If you lived in a tiny cage, you'd take advantage of any cheap thrills available!

Cute Overload

Wheeee! Let's do it again.

Monday, April 24, 2006

This is Righteous!

Meaning "Cool" or "Amazing" or
"The kind of thing that makes an Environmentalist's heart sing!"

While Greenpeace watches and waits to no particular effect, these guys move in close and try to disable the whaler's ships any way they can, risking their lives over and over.

First read the article at National Geographic Adventure Online.

Then watch the video montage they made of the events in the article.

Then read this recent update on the Japanese whaling fleet!

Here's an excerpt:
The Sea Shepherd's courage and rashness began to dawn on me. Watson was taking this rusting hulk into the most dangerous, remote seas on Earth to wage a kind of war. A place where a man overboard had minutes to live. Half of his troops had no training at all. Before leaving, his only plan for finding the Japanese whaling fleet in the vast Southern Ocean was to run helicopter reconnaissance flights and hope crews supplying the various Antarctic research stations would give him intel. Contact with Greenpeace's two pursuit ships was the best hope, but the organization responded to Watson's repeated pleas for cooperation by keeping its ships' coordinates off its Web site. Watson believed it was a deliberate attempt to foil him and his radical methods.

What Greenpeace wasn't counting on was that some of the rank and file onboard their ships were also frustrated and disgusted by what they were witnessing every day. The killing of a whale by the most modern methods is cruel beyond description. An exploding harpoon, meant to kill quickly, rarely does more than rupture the whale's organs. The animal thrashes and gushes blood and begins to drown in its own hemorrhage. It is winched to the side of the harpoon ship, a probe is jabbed into it, and thousands of volts of electricity are run through the animal in an attempt to kill it faster. The whale screams and cries and thrashes. If it is a mother, its calf swims wildly beside her, doomed to its own motherless death later on. Often the electricity fails to dispatch the whale, so it takes 15 to 20 minutes of this torture before it drowns and dies. No matter what one thinks of whales' high intelligence, the advanced social structures, the obvious emotions, and the still mysterious ability to communicate over long distances, this method of slaughter would not be allowed as standard practice in any slaughterhouse in the world. This is what the Greenpeace crew had been watching day after day and were constrained from stopping. One of the crew had had enough and began to e-mail Watson with sporadic updates of the fleet's position.

This is how Watson knew, within a few thousand square miles, where the fleet might be on Christmas morning.

A few minutes later we saw it. Through the mist the huge bulk of the factory ship. First just a dark shape, then the spillway ramp cut into her stern where they winched up the dead whales, the tall white superstructure of her cranes, and the words Nisshin Maru, Tokyo. Running down the length of her hull, visible when she corkscrewed on a swell, was research, in large block letters.

She was a sitting duck. Almost idling at 6.8 knots, riding it out. They had to have seen us moving up on the radar, but they must've figured we were the Arctic Sunrise, Greenpeace's other boat, a matter of no concern. Nobody had even bothered to look. I couldn't believe it. We were pulling alongside her stern.

Cornelissen, at the helm, looked level at his captain. "Do we want to ram them? Punch a few holes in their ship?"

"No, we'd sustain a lot of damage. I think the best tactic here, Alex, is the prop foulers." Watson said he didn't think the Nisshin could go too much faster in these seas. He wanted to cut across her bow and deploy the prop foulers—long strands of rope, steel cables, and buoys that would slip under her hull and catch and tangle her propeller.

"We could ram her up the spillway if you want. What do you say, Paul?"

"No, we're gonna do this."

He turned to VanDerGulik. "Tell them to get the prop foulers ready on the stern. Tell them to stay down, stay hidden. Don't deploy them until I blow the horn."

I looked at Watson. He seemed to be protecting his crew. No sane person wanted a collision in these seas.

Just then the whalers woke up. I can only imagine how the Farley must have looked materializing out of the fog and mountainous seas: an all-black ship running under a gale-stiffened Jolly Roger. It was as if the Nisshin Maru jumped in surprise. Someone put the hammer down and she began to pull away off our port side.

"OK," Watson said to Cornelissen. "Do it if you can. Up the spillway."

It was too late. VanDerGulik, the first engineer, had the engines tweaked, and the Farley was straining with all she had, 11, 11.6, 12 knots. But the Nisshin was too powerful. She came up to speed and began to flee at 14 knots.

And then her skipper seemed to snap. Captain D. Toyama had been whaling in the Antarctic for decades. He had been harassed for weeks by Greenpeace. Its Zodiacs swarmed his killer boats. His harpooners had shot whales right over their heads. And here, out of the fog, was a ship with a terrifying reputation. He'd had enough. A quarter-mile (half-kilometer) away, I watched in amazement as the Nisshin turned to starboard, angled across our bow, and slowed down. Toyama seemed to be saying, "OK, you wanna mess with me? Bring it on."

Saturday, April 22, 2006

More of that great article on Basic Training

Three more scans.
It's not only fascinating how they turn these boys into killers, it's an issue that is going to become a lot more relevant as they start coming back from Iraq.
What are the long-term consequences of having these "re-programmed" people in our midst? As Tietz discussed in his previous article, they don't always come back ready or able to re-assimilate into society.

This article is called "The Killing Factory" by Jeff Tietz, and it's in the April 20th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Page Four
Page Five
Page Six

Here's where you can find the first three pages.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Promoted from the basement

Because it's accurate again!


Haw! Haw!

Do I hear 30?

I HEART Wolcott!

Gotta love him. He has a way with words, you know!
Here he calls yet another wingnut on her shit.

It is amusing the way so many of these "righties" will blather on in some grandiose fashion which sounds good and looks good, but doesn't really mean anything. Then a whole group of similarly simpleminded simians will comment about how eloquent it all was.


Awesome TV interview with Neil Young

Give this a watch over at This Modern World

Neil is calm and thoroughly articulate. Let's all buy this album as soon as it comes out!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is Great!

Awesome rendition of "I am the Walrus" but with VERY up to date lyrics..;-)

At the Huffington Post

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I give you Senator Sanatorium!

Video at Crooks and Liars

I think Little Ricky might have a new pet name!!

Works for me.

Bunny of Doom

Bob Harris does a nice little expose on the extremely rare

Killer Bunny of New Zealand

Monday, April 17, 2006

Holy Joe Update...

Funny (and encouraging) video at Connecticut Blog

Looks like the Joementum is picking up speed..:-)

UPDATE: FireDogLake has a nice little piece on the slow melt-down of Lieberman's campaign.

He sure is a little slow on the uptake, ain't he?

I'm about to use the most powerful word in the universe

If you don't think you can handle it, TURN AWAY NOW!!!

You can't say I didn't warn you.


Malkin goes even more insane than usual and post names and phone numbers of protesters on her blog

Crooks and Liars has more

Great Article on Modern U.S. Basic Training

It will be a while before this gets posted on Rolling Stone's web site, so I'm going to do the "excerpt" routine and post scans of the first couple pages. Hopefully, if you find it as interesting as I did, you will rush right out and buy the magazine..;-) It's called "The Killing Factory" by Jeff Tietz, and it's in the April 20th issue.

Page One
Page Two
Page Three

Sunday, April 16, 2006

This is fascinating and horrifying...

A very well written article about a Marine who came home very fucked up, and went on a rampage.

Guerrilla News Network

Same story here, at Rolling Stone if the first link doesn't work.

Jeff Tietz is a great writer, especially about this subject. He has another article in the latest Rolling Stone about Modern Basic Training. I hope to have that article posted soon.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I Totally Agree...

Dan Savage

I will NOT be one of the "lefties" letting these guys off the hook for their previous pro-war insanities. It's nice that they are seeing the light, but it would've been even nicer for them to have listened to us a couple years ago.

Like Tom Tommorow says, an apology would definitely be in order.

Do you get it yet, America?

We've got the foxes guarding the henhouse here, People!!!

Greg Saunders at This Modern World

Throw the bums out! Time for a wholesale government makeover.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Totally bogus threat. I knew it!

Yep. Just because Iran has figured out how to do a little enrichment, doesn't mean they are anywhere near making a bomb. It's the same old same old bullshit from the Bush Whitehouse. Big surprise, right?
Fire Dog Lake

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Damn, I love Alec Baldwin!

What a guy. Maybe he'll run for office some day.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Tom Delay Drops Out!!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Stupid is as stupid does...

This is Glenn Reynolds, aka "The Professor", and the man behind Instapundit.

Matthew Yglesias points to an example of Glenn's superior thinking power from back in those heady "post-war" days of April 2003:

Yeah, there has been a lot of pro-war gloating. And I guess that Dawn Olsen’s cautionary advice about gloating is appropriate. So maybe we shouldn’t rub in just how wrong, and morally corrupt the antiwar case was. Maybe we should rise above the temptation to point out that claims of a “quagmire” were wrong — again! — how efforts at moral equivalence were obscenely wrong — again! — how the antiwar folks are still, far too often, trying to move the goalposts rather than admit their error — again — and how an awful lot of the very same people who spoke lugubriously about “civilian casualties” now seem almost disappointed that there weren’t more — again — and how many people who spoke darkly about the Arab Street and citizens rising up against American “liberators” were proven wrong — again — as the liberators were seen as just that by the people they were liberating. And I suppose we shouldn’t stress so much that the antiwar folks were really just defending the interests of French oil companies and Russian arms-deal creditors. It’s probably a bad idea to keep rubbing that point in over and over again.

posted at 04:36 PM by Glenn Reynolds April 11, 2003

How wrong we were, eh? I'm ashamed. Aren't you ashamed?

More sweet memories at This Modern World

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hey, maybe she's not so dumb...

Concerned about politicizing her favorite charity, singer-actress Jessica Simpson Wednesday turned down a invitation to meet with President Bush, a snub that left Republicans dismayed.
More from T-Bogg

Oh, and Katherine Harris...........this is what boobs are supposed to look like..:-)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Sweet Jesus......

...I hate Bill O'Reilly"

Damn straight

I'd like to think there's a special place in hell for ole Bill.

Kiss me Kate!

Katherine "boobs" Harris intends to spend her own money in Senate campaign.

Prediction: within three weeks, she will withdraw from the race.


Sign the petition!

Sign MoveOn's petition in support of Censure.
Web form here

Stephen Heller needs our help

Stephen had the guts and conviction to call bullshit on Diebold, and now they are trying to destroy him.
Read about it here

Contribute to his defense fund here


Haw! Haw!

Do I hear 30?

Boxer's got more balls than the rest of 'em...

Finally some CA specific good news.

Barbara Boxer pledges to support Feingold's Censure measure!

At least we have one good senator.
More at the RAW STORY

How about a graphic?

Does this help visualize the state of our economy? And the "leadership" of the republicans, who have been completely in control of the government for 5 years now?
It sure makes things clear for me!

Borrowed from Mock,Paper,Scissors:
Great snark in the vein of Dependable Renegade.

Holy Joe needs to come to Jesus....

ain't that the truth.

State House Assistant Majority Leader David McCluskey, D-West Hartford, got so whipped up about U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman’s strong support for the war that he made a comment he quickly regretted.

“In spite of all the many good things Senator Lieberman has done, this (Iraq war) is the overriding moral issue, and if he doesn’t change his position, I cannot be with him in good conscience,” McCluskey said during a news conference to promote Sunday’s rally.

“He needs to come to Jesus on this one,” McCluskey said. A short time later, McCluskey apologized for making a comment that might offend Lieberman, a devout Orthodox Jew.

More at This Modern World

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This bitch is just wack.....

Slavery was a gift from God. Why can't blacks realize this?
And for these "top-drawer" blacks to be dissing Bush in his presence............shameful!

Get the whole racist white bitch rant here.

And The General comments, as well.

Speaking of evil twins.....

That would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Monday, March 13, 2006

My evil twin did it!

Claude Allen has an identical twin brother.

That explains everything.

Leiberman's new campaign manager says.....

Holy Joe is out of touch!
Way to sell your canididate..:-)
More at FireDogLake

This here is a photo of Ned Lamont, who's is going to kick Joe Leiberman to the curb.

Contribute here.

Issac Hayes.............hypocrite?

Issac Hayes has announced that he is quitting South Park after many many years voicing "Chef". He claims he is tired of the bigotry and intolerance of the cartoon, but it would appear that he is mostly upset with their recent show about Scientology.
Matt and Trey point out that he wasn't complaining all those years they made fun of Jews and Christians

UPDATE: Super-cool! Watch the Scientology episode of South Park here!

Who's hot and who's not?

A little humor (video)

Funny Bush standup routine (from

Good for a few laughs, and pretty dead on.

Meet George Clooney, Liberal

Censure the bastard!

Senator Russ Fiengold, you may remember, was the ONLY senator to vote against the original Patriot Act back in 2001. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about him..........

Anyway, once again, he is displaying the kind of conviction (and balls) that we just haven't seen much lately from the Democrats.

Yesterday, Feingold announced that he will introduce a resolution to censure President Bush for illegal acts. The netroots community, and FireDogLake in particular, are asking everyone to back Russ up on this by calling, emailing, and faxing their senators to express support for this Censure.

More info here

Saturday, March 11, 2006

This American Life

If you haven't discovered 'This American Life' on public radio, maybe it's about time.
This hour-long weekly show is a true gem. The best part is you can listen to all their old shows via streaming Realplayer.

This week's show addresses the war crimes being committed at Guantanamo Bay.

Check it out!

Friday, March 10, 2006

If she had any real integrity...

O'Conner would publicly apologize for the decision she made that led this country into the crapper. (Yes, I'm talking about election 2000)

More at the Huffington Post